Sunday, February 14, 2010

Worst and Yet Best Valentine's Day Ever...But Not For the Reason You Think

This weekend was supposed to be simple and fun.  I was going to come down to my old college haunt, close out my bank account and transfer everything into my new account, see Dad and wish him well, and hangout with some friends that I hadn't seen in much too long.  Everything was pretty fact it was the perfect day yesterday and only one thing went wrong as I was leaving the bar we were all at.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty big WRONG.  I'll start with the bad news so that I can really focus on what was good about yesterday...someone either accidentally or purposefully took my coat from the bar last night, and that coat had the misfortune of carrying my house and car keys.  So I had to call my Dad to drive me home last night, file a police report, and now I'm puzzling how one gets a replacement key for a car and an apartment on a Sunday.  Until we figure this out, I'm stuck here...which is unfortunate because I have to work on Tuesday.  Now that the bad news is out there, I can focus on the good.

On the plus side, there's nothing wrong with my money.  I managed to deposit checks and all just fine and yes, Virginia, I still have my wallet (people who know me, know that my wallet was stolen back in 2008 and it was one of the worst experiences of my young life) so that's ok.  I met up with an old friend, Ben, for dinner and we got caught up, he's doing well and is 5 weeks away from completing his student teaching (to which I applaud him).  He's also gearing up to start seeing a particular guy again, which makes me excited for him but also a little nervous.  Last time he did this there was a reason it didn't work out, but I don't remember what it is.  I just hope he's being smart.  Later we went back to his apartment where several of his friends and I drank a lot of gin and played Taboo, which is actually much easier when you're tipsy.  I was seriously surprised at how sharp we all were.  At around 11ish, we ran up to a local bar we all call Casa to dance the night away.  It was the monthly Open Doors dance night (which literally translates as the gay dance night) and all my favorite fruits were there.  There was MammaBear, the LGBT organizer and all-around mother hen who looks after all the students while they're there.  There was Ben Part II, a rather crazy and fun person who's flaky and totally unpredictable/reliable.  There was also Paul, someone I used to have a crush on and who was actually quite subdued last night (he used to sometimes be a hot mess at these dances).  And then, there was the inevitable Ex sighting, but neither of which was a bad one.  First was Mike, a guy I dated very briefly in the Winter months of one of my undergrad years and with whom I have stayed pretty good friends.  He looks GOOD now too, really good.  I hope someone snatches him up otherwise he's gonna go to waste.  The other Ex was somewhat of a surprise. Jeremy, a real blast from the past.  I should share the story of Jeremy before I go much further.

Jeremy was a very good time I had once back in the periods between November 2004 and January 2005.  He worked at the ice cream store when I started there and was probably one of the most outgoing and sexual dates I ever went after.  In addition to his duties at the store, he also was a stripper in Columbus on the weekends...which didn't bother me on a morals standpoint because it really wasn't much different from what I did when I was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Both of us were playing really sexual characters and dancing around on stage with very little on, and when the show stopped we got dressed and went back to the people we really were.  The things I really liked about him were his goofy and unflappable nature and his capacity for tenderness.  He was serious when he had to be, and not serious the rest of the time and he knew how to make anything fun.  He also enjoyed movies the way I did, and was good in bed (I won't lie, it was an important plus) due to being a Scorpio.  The relationship most things do with Jeremy...when he got bored with it basically.  He ended up dating someone else from the store for several months until that fell apart.  He and I didn't become friends again until much later, mainly because I was pissed about him going right into the new relationship and doing it right in front of me (which honestly, I really can't hold against him...he wasn't trying to hurt me).  We reconciled and whenever we see each other again, its always fun and pleasent.

So back to the story...Jeremy and I were both a little tipsy when we ran into each other after midnight and when we saw each other there was the usual amount of Big Surprise (complete with screaming and hand motions) and then we danced.  It was just like old times, I go out onto the dance floor being cautious and reserved and then Jeremy comes along and suddenly I'm transformed.  It was intimate, I won't lie, and felt comfortable.  No, I didn't fall in love with him again last night, but I did feel desirable...and I haven't felt desirable in a long, long time.  We kissed and held each other, and it wasn't awkward.  It just felt like the right thing to do.  I knew that it wouldn't last, that I was never going to date him again (he'd get bored again, I know him too well), and that it was probably the booze and the lust talking.  But he really made my night last night by giving me some much needed attention.  My friends love me and all, and they care what happens to me...but that's not the same as someone making you feel wanted and attractive.  Shortly after that, reality intervened in the guise of a missing coat and I had to turn back into Cinderella.  I lost track of him after that (which is probably a good thing because I was going to ask him to come home with me), but after calling Dad to come and get me and having to stand in the cold waiting for him...Jeremy did something unexpected.  He found me and came to talk to me and keep me company until Dad arrived.  He didn't have to, but like I said...he has an amazing capacity for tenderness.  He wanted to be sure I got home ok, he even offered me a ride when we saw no sign of Dad (I declined gracefully, as I knew Dad would get there eventually) and he hugged me.  In that moment I realized how long it had been since I felt that from someone who wasn't just a friend.  It was the complete opposite from the lustful collision of bodies we had been was real caring.  And no, I'm still not falling for him again, I was merely touched.  It was probably the best Valentine's Day present I ever received.

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