Thursday, April 22, 2010

So...some news...

Well friends, I don't know if I mentioned a new guy I was talking to at the beginning of the month.  It was fun and we enjoyed the flirtations, and the first date even went well.  Then came the 2nd date...well, not so good.  You know how it goes, some things are going well but then it starts to go sour and you begin to wonder if you're really into the person.  Turns out, he was thinking the same thing and so I got the old proverbial dump tonight.  Though, can you really call it dumped if you only had two dates?  I dunno, but I saw it coming.  I probably would have broken it off too, but I was willing to give it one more date.  And you know what ticks me off about the whole thing?  Its not that he broke it off, though that is always disappointing (because you think...who am I gonna go on dates with?), but that I'm gonna be wondering why for a while.  I always want to know why someone isn't interested, mainly so I don't convince myself that the things I'm most insecure about are the reason he wasn't interested.  If I had to make a guess, I'd just say that we weren't clicking 'personality wise' in person.  Online and on the phone we were great, but it fizzled in real life.  Plus, once again he was someone who didn't share my passion for movies...and people who aren't like me can never really 'get' me.  Anyway, that's the latest news.

Changing topics, I saw an odd and gruesome one last night courtesy of Netflix.  It was called Basket Case and it was a true Grindhouse film, grit, sleaze, and all.  It tells the story of a man named Duane, who checks into a sleazy New York City hotel with nothing but a stack of bills and a large basket under his arm.  Everyone keeps asking him "What's in the basket?" and Duane manages to dodge the question each time.  Why, you ask?  Because Duane's basket carries his deformed Siamese twin brother Belial.  It seems that Duane and Belial are seeking revenge against the three doctors who separated them and left Belial for dead.  The movie basically follows them around New York and shows Duane try to forge friendships with normal people while also allowing Belial to mangle and murder the doctors who were responsible.  There's little more to the plot than that, and there are a few scenes that are unnecessary, but one thing that plays well is the strange relationship between Duane and Belial.  Duane obviously loves his brother, but is also at the mercy of Belial's insane jealousy and murderous urges, which creates nice drama that elevates the film to a slightly higher lever.  Don't misunderstand, its a low rent and low expectations kinda film, but it is better than some 'midnight movie' fare I've seen before.  If that sort of thing interests you, then you should definitely check it out.

On another note, I will be starting a new marathon tomorrow...but I'm not going to say what it is yet.  However, enjoy this was a horror film that came out the year of my birth (1984) and has a remake coming out in a week.  Now enjoy the trailer for Basket Case.

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