Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taking a trip back in time about 25 years

Today is going to be a fun day.  Why you ask?  Because me and some friends are getting together this evening and having our Big 80s Slumber Party (if it sounds a little gay, that's because it is).  We're gonna eat junk food, listen to Madonna, and watch 80s movies all while decked out on sleeping bags in the middle of the floor.  I'm sure there will be some playing of classic games like Mall Madness as well.  Its not very grown-up, but then none of us were at that time.  I even got a DQ cake (cause I remember those being all the rage in town in the 80s....or maybe it was just at our all runs together for me).  I dunno how some people would look at reverting to childhood for a night, but I think its healthy and fun...and way better than just getting wasted in a bar.  Of course, we'll probably be drinking never mind that comparison.  So, since this is mainly a movie blog and I said we'd be watching 80s movies so I'm sure you're wanting to know what movies we'll be watching...and I'm sad to say that I have no idea really.  We had originally decided to do one thing from every genre, but I dunno how long us old fogies will last tonight.  We've had a request for Adventures in Babysitting and I personally want to watch The Monster Squad....and it took me two minutes to type that because the italics function on Blogger is acting screwy today.  Every time I clicked italics and started typing, it had the second title suddenly appear next to the first title...weirdness.  I ended up having to type it and then physically move it to the end of the sentence where it belonged.  I know it doesn't sound like more than a minor annoyance...but I hate when my typing is interrupted by technological glitches.  Anyway, tomorrow I will update the blog with the titles watched.  Hopefully its a good and diverse list.

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