Thursday, September 23, 2010

Episode VI: The Last One (at least, as far as the films are concerned)

Well, its taken me weeks to get the whole Star Wars Saga reviewed here, but I'm finally done.  I apologize for being so lax about writing, but lately during my down time I want to do anything but write.  Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog going if I'm not gonna write in it...but then I'm reminded that I do have a small following and I owe it to them (you) to keep going.  Plus, I do love to write about my life and the films I love (or don't love in some cases...but I prefer to not vent negativity) so here I am, finally making good on something I started earlier this month.  So, for those of you who stick with me and keep this blog at 12 visits a's the final part of the Star Wars film saga, Return of the Jedi.

Its not long since the conclusion of The Empire Strikes Back and Luke, Leia, and Lando are hot on the trail of Jabba the Hutt who has taken the captive Han Solo to his palace on Tatooine encased in carbonite. They manage to infultrate Jabba's palace and liberate Han, but not without a large effort and a huge action sequence.  Meanwhile, Darth Vader has traveled to the moon of Endor to oversee the completion of a new Death Star.  The superstructure of the massive weapon/station is still unfinished and full of gaps and the weapon itself is completely inopperative.  Vader tells them that they need to work even faster because Emporer Palpatine will be paying them a visit in the near future and "is not as forgiving as" Vader.  The Rebels get word of this and decide to mass a fleet for a planned attack.  Meanwhile, Luke and Company must head to Endor to mount an operation to take down the massive energy shield that protects the Death Star from any attack.  Soon, Luke is taken by Vader before the Emporer and father and son must battle for the galaxy while the Rebels fight to survive against the Imperial forces.

Return of the Jedi is and always has been my favorite of the series, though I realize that it often comes as second or third on people's lists.  Some believe that Jedi was the beginning of the end for Lucas' treatment of the Star Wars world given that it features more humor than the past two entries and includes the cuddly Ewoks, whom fans with hindsight of 20/20 think are a precursor to Mr. Unpopular (read: Jar Jar Binks).  I think it also stems from the idea that this was the end of the series and many would rather it kept going (this wish was granted in 1999 with Episode I, and most fans wanted to hand the gift right back).  For me though, Jedi plays as a perfect wrap up of the arc of these characters who we've been with since before they knew Luke was a Jedi or that Leia would end up with Han as a lover.  Everyone has matured and evened out into adult counterparts, compared to the compulsive children they appeared to be in the first installment, and the payoff is quite satisfying.  It also has several standout sequences such as the Sarlac Pit battle and the Speeder Chase, which are also quite satisfying.  Yes it has some pacing problems.  The tension simply dies after we leave Jabba's and transition to Endor, and aside from some interesting sections...its rather dull until we get to the final battle.  But yet I can't help loving this entry the most, since it is the end.  And I think that's all you can really ask for with a final entry, for it to stick with you.

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