Monday, November 8, 2010


So Friday night was really awesome at my house, I bet you wish you had been there.  I had a few friends over and we had an Alien marathon...we planned to watch all four but we only made it through three before pooping out.  We got Applebee's take out (which was terrible) and several beverages of a spirituous nature ( which made our night pretty fun on top of the films.  I wasn't much fun that night though, I must admit, because I was so tired from the week.  Or at least that's what I thought.  I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat and a stuffy head and lamented my rotten luck.  Being sick is never pleasent, but being sick on the weekend just adds insult to injury because you want to feel great and use the time to the fullest, but your mood and general lousy feeling brings you down.  It was mild I'll admit, and didn't interfere with most of my errand-running, but by the end of Saturday and by half-way through Sunday I was chair-bound thanks to having little energy.  I didn't get any of the papers graded that I meant to get done, and I didn't do half the planning I intended to do either.  It was a very unproductive, albeit relaxing, weekend.  I'm glad I only have 3 work days this week, so I can kinda fudge these days.  My juniors are finishing an essay and taking a quiz, and my sophomores are reading To Kill a Mockingbird and we'll discuss that and take a quiz.  So I don't feel so bad about skimping a bit on the planning.

We're getting off Thursday and Friday this week due to Veteran's Day on Thursday and a Teacher Work Day on Friday (which I will be absent for due to fortuitous circumstances).  The only thing that would make it better is if I was leaving on a trip for the long weekend.  Oh wait, I am!  I was invited by my mom (and to a lesser extent, Mary Thomas, an old friend and teacher from high school) to go to Manhattan with her as part of Mrs. Thomas's tour group.  Mrs. Thomas commonly takes school groups to NYC and she happened to schedule another one right when I'd be off for a long weekend so it just made good sense for me to go along, especially since Mom didn't want to share a hotel room with a stranger.  Mom and I are also not obligated to take the tours and excursions that the high school kids are going on either, so we're gonna try and do our favorite things.  Museums, shows, shopping, and those sorts of things.  We'll skip the Empire State Building and Ground Zero (we've both been to those before).  I mean I've been to Manhattan now 4 times (5 once I return) and Mom's been I think 3 times.  We already know that we're going to see "Billy Elliot: The Musical" and "The Radio City Christmas Spectacular" and we're hoping to squeeze in a Saturday matinee at another show of our choosing (I'm hoping for either "Mary Poppins" or "The Addams Family").  Honestly, I'd love it if we saw something Thursday night too (but mom's gonna be tired from that long bus ride).  Either way, its gonna be a great trip (but I'm gonna be TIRED when I get back on Sunday).  I just hope I'm back to normal health by then, especially since its gonna be so cold.

Speaking of cold, I got a new winter coat this weekend that I can't wait to use in the cold, cold city.  I got a great deal too.  Old Navy was having a 50%-off sale on all men's outerwear and so I got an $80 coat and a $45 blazer for $62, not bad at all.  I had to go all the way to the outlet malls in Jeffersonville to do it, but it was worth it.  I wouldn't have needed to buy a coat if mine hadn't been stolen last Feburary, but now I can look super chic.  Well actually, if I wanted to look super chic, I'd have to buy some $200 coat from Armani or something...and that would probably come from the clearence rack.  Wait...does Armani even have a clearence rack?  I don't even know.  Probably not.  In which case, I'm not classy enough to shop at a store that doesn't have a clearence rack.  That's where I get most of my clothes from name brand places.  I'm the strangest breed of clothes horse...I love to go to those brand stores to shop (Express, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy) but I never get anything that hasn't been marked down to $15 bucks or less.  I guess I'm cheap, but stylish.  Call me crazy, but I just don't think one should spend $20 or more on a shirt.  I mean, the only reason that these places can charge that much for things like t-shirts is because they know people will pay it.  Its the same reason that home video distributors charge a premium for Blu-rays.  They like to rationalize that you're paying for 'the quality', but anyone worth their salt in manufacturing knowlege knows that most of these and disc based media alike...don't cost nearly that much to make.  Ok, enough of my rant on consumer products.

This blog entry is pretty long already, so I'll forgo my next film until the next one.  See you soon!

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