Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving "Blahs"

I don't enjoy these three weeks that are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A lot of people think that it is because I simply don't want to be at work and would rather been sleeping in.  While part of that exists in my mind during this time, it's no larger than my want for weekend days during other parts of the year so I can't honestly admit to that.  The real reason these weeks stink, as a teacher, is because of the huge amount of programs, events, and scheduled interruptions to the schedule that always happen during this time.  At our school alone we have one day next week that will see no sophomores during the morning periods because of a field trip to a vocational school, another four days (two this week and two next week) that remove half of the juniors from the building for two days apiece and send them off to diversity training, interim grades are due this Thursday, and then to cap the festivities on the 16th (our last day before break) we have an early release day and our annual holiday assembly to ensure that nothing gets done before we leave for break.  The weather can be uncooperative and can dish out delays and cancellations (we had a non-weather related 2 hour delay today due to a power outage) which causes massive scrambling to speed up and edit what needs to be covered.  Oh, and the students also believe that once it's Christmas season that they aren't expected to do anything and many of them get excused absences for early vacations, which makes the last weeks before break fairly difficult.  I've given myself a benchmark to hit in each of my classes (Homecoming: Odyessy started in the Freshman classes and Act III: Crucible completed with the sophomores) and I'm hoping to hit it before the 15th.  I think I can do it, but I can't leave anything unfinished before break because otherwise it will be forgotten immediately.  I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow is the last day in November which means Thurdsay will be the first day of "The 3rd Annual 25 Days of Christmas Movies".  I've been searching around for weeks to be sure that I have plenty of new films to discuss this year, though you can expect to see a few repeats from years 1 and 2 simply because those tend to be my favorites, however I would like to try to keep those to a minimum or to not have any at all.  Heck, there are enough versions of "A Christmas Carol" alone to fill the days leading up to Christmas so I'm optimistic.  I'm Netflixing bunches and bunches of new films to share with you and hopefully you will see some that you enjoy enough to add them to your viewing rotation.  I'm looking forward to it myself, because it will get me into the holiday spirit and help me rise above these post-Thanksgiving "blahs".  For the rest of you...enjoy what is to come.  It's gonna be a good month :)

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