Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Check In

Hey friends, haven't watched a lot of movies today because I've been very busy getting ready for our spring musical auditions (currently in progress).  This year we decided to do "Legally Blonde: The Musical", something I'm very excited about.  It isn't often that a school such as ours gets a chance to do something that's relatively was only just released for licensing this past September and I leaped on the chance to produce it.  The kids are equally excited and seem rather at ease for a show with such a tight group of big parts and a load of relatively small roles...then again we have fewer divas auditioning this year than we had in the past.  It's rather nice actually.  That's not to say that they aren't taking casting seriously...they are rabidly practicing and trying to be perfect, but they are wisely not putting any politics in front of me (they may be stabbing each other in the back out of view, but not doing it blatently like in years past).  I also get the impression that almost every student who auditions this year will be pleased just to be in the show, rather than deeply devistated to be cast in the role they had planned to have (there may be one who is deeply dissapointed but one is much easier to appease than several).  Plus, I have my trusty co-director/music director Steph along for the ride again and she helps keep me sane (and we also see things usually eye-to-eye) and she is always happy to play the bad cop for me.  I'm very excited to work on this production and I really think it will be our best show yet.

As for life, it is pretty much the same as always...single, too busy to really think about it, and trying to save money where I can.  Speaking of money, I have paid for my summer vacation in full and am totally pumped for it.  I am taking my mother on a cruise to the Eastern Carribean for a week in June and she couldn't be more excited.  She's always wanted to take a cruise but never had anyone to go with, and I had some extra cash from my tax refund and so I decided that this year would be a perfect oppertunity to go again, so it worked out.  Two weeks before that I'm also going to Disney World with our school's music department as a chaperone, which also is going to be a great time.  I love Disney and will happily hang with the kids and go on all the rides.  I haven't been since 2008, and there have been several changes since then that I'm looking forward to (like the updated Star Tours and the different things they've been building for the Fantasyland expansion).  Over all, June is shaping up to be a great month.  July and August aren't full of much yet, but I'm hoping to do some low-cost activities to keep things camping and trips to local amusement parks.  I may even pay a visit to Boston to see my friend Mavis...or go back to NYC to catch Evita.  My options are pretty open at the moment.  It's a little wierd to think that in just over two months, it will be summer vacation again.  I remember thinking at the beginning of the school year how slow I feared it would go by and how not-ready I was to start school with all the policy changes we would face.  Now, I feel like the year has almost passed too quickly and hasn't allowed me to go in depth in as many topics and subjects as I would have on our old schedule.  The block periods, even considering that they are very long stretches with the same kids, make the days pass fairly quickly because you only have 4 periods a day.  That speed has also crept into the production periods for the shows and makes them seem to zip by as well...often I feel like I am racing at breakneck speeds toward an inevitable end.

Forgive me for my random musings and thoughts, I just needed to let some of my jumbled mind loose for a walk.  I'll be back soon to comment on a film.  Take care dears!

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