Monday, October 19, 2009

An Introduction

Hello friends. I my name is Geoff. I am 25, average in every respect, and a high school teacher in my first year on the job. I am also a film addict. I own 800 DVDs (yes...that's not a typo) and the collection will start growing again once I have the cash to support the addiction again. I also Netflix regularly and go through about 4 discs a week. This may sound like a silly and frivolus reason to start a blog, and in fact many of my teacher friends wonder how I can plan lessons, grade, and yet still have time to watch all this stuff. But I know that all you movie lovers out there understand the call of the celluloid (and now digital) medium.

We can all remember when we were 5 years old and how that first memorable movie changed the way we looked at the world around us. Its always something classic and well known, like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or E.T. (is it odd that its almost always something by Lucas or Spielberg?). For me, it was Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I don't know why, but I watched that movie more than any other when I was growing up and it started my love of the process. I had never seen anything like it in animation and I still haven't (though The Sword in the Stone, another favorite of mine, tried to rip the style off a bit). I couldn't put my finger on the difference until I watched a making-of on the film and heard Walt himself describe the film as a moving illustration. That's exactly what it was for me at 5 years old, it was a story book come to life. It was also Sleeping Beauty that, later in my life, taught me to love widescreen and to shun all other forms of home video presentation (even before I started to shun VHS in favor of DVD).

So that is a little slice of what I'm all about, and I hope that this blog finds some interested 'movie crazy' folk out there who enjoy film as much as I do. I also hope that you'll forgive me in advance. I'm a rare breed of film enthusiest who prefers main-stream work to independant. That's not to say that no independant films have found their way into my heart, but I find a great many of them to be overrated and pompus. Its not a statement of fact or an assertion that I'm right and someone else is wrong, its just how I as an individual feel. I think it has to do with my inner child. He likes to be challanged and he likes things to be thought provoking (which independant films always do for him) but above all, he likes to be entertained and to have fun. The main-stream tends to do that a little more for him than the others. However, a lot of films in the main-stream started as independant, such as Halloween, so there's hope for this inner child yet.

Farewell readers, and happy viewing!

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