Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3: A Bit of a Cheat

 Ok ok, I know this isn't really a Christmas movie per se...but it does start at Christmas and goes through the wintery months to Valentine's Day.  And I did watch it during my month of Christmas movies, so technically I think that counts...and for those of you who don't agree, you can eat me cause I didn't have time to watch anything more Christmasy today.  Oh, I guess I should tell you the movie before I go about insulting anyone out there who reads this (which my counter tells me isn't many).  That movie is Sleepless in Seattle.  Yes, I can hear you shouting foul already, but it does indeed take place at Christmas to start and features some Christmassy things while Meg Ryan visits her family and listens to Tom Hanks on the radio.  There are other Christmas films that are romantic comedies as well, like Love Actually, because afterall...what better time of year is there to fall in love than the season of giving?  I can only hope the same may be true for me this season.  Actually, I don't know who I'd fall in love with if I planned to do it this Christmas...but that's neither here nor there.  Sleepless is not my favorite Nora Ephron chick flick and its certainly not her best work, but it is still deliciously witty like most of her work (yes even the lesser liked stuff like Bewitched) and I love the running gag of women loving An Affair to Remember and guys not understanding it (I, myself, am on the side of the men here...I thought it was completely vapid).  I especially love that Nora merely mentions this and shows both sides of it so that we can make up our own minds on whether to like it or not...and she gives Rosie O'Donnell a great line about Meg not wanting to be in love in real life but that she wants to be in love in a movie.  We base a lot of our ideas on love on the movies, rather than real experiences...not that we have many other ways of experiencing it without actually being involved in the act of love.

Anyway, enough babbling...I can't get Meg Ryan's singing of Sleigh Ride out of my head.  "horses,horses,horses,horses...!:  She doesn't work enough anymore...but then again, I guess she's not cute anymore either.  Not that she isn't pretty or anything, she's just not cute young Meg anymore.  And she;s tried so hard to break her cute image so I don't see her going back to it so soon.

Anyway, that's the movie for Day 3...I'll do better coverage tomorrow.

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