Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Ah, finally motivated to write a whole fresh blog post for today.  I'm feeling very good today actually, seeing as I had a very relaxing weekend of solitude and films, actually got some festering chores done, and finished a script I was working on.  It wasn't an original work sadly, rather it was a remake of Brian De Palma's Dressed to Kill...see 2010's De Palma A'la Mod for info on that fabulous film...and I'm very proud of it despite the fact it will never be produced.  However, it is the first written work I have finished in years and I'm suddenly motivated to finish more...particularly the original works that I started so long ago.  I'm currently waiting for my friend Will to finish reading it, but he keeps gushing about how much he loves it.  Anyway, I decided to write about a film I took a very special liking to when I saw it this summer because of the amazingly witty script and the way I found myself relating to the main character (gender differences aside).  I'm sure you've all heard of it and its about time I talked about something contemporary, so let's go have a day with the girls while we get down and dirty with Bridesmaids.

(Note: not using posters anymore because of that nasty Photobucket problem).  The story begins with Annie, a thirtysomething woman who is working at a jewelry store to repay her debts after losing her shirt, and her boyfriend, from opening a bakery that failed.  She also is in a horrible relationship with a man who makes her feel like crap and she lives with two horrible roommates who are as stupid as they are ugly.  So when Annie's oldest friend Lillian announces that she is engaged and wants Annie to be her Maid of Honor, it is almost too much for Annie to bear.  However, not to admit any flaws or failings, Annie presses on to try and be the best Maid of Honor she can be and plan Lillian's wedding to be perfect.  Along the way she meets the other bridesmaids: Rita, a married mother of three boys who is unhappy with her marriage and family and needs some distractions from that.  Becca, Lillian's newlywed friend from work who is almost too bubbly.  Megan, a tough and overweight firecracker who is man crazy and up for any extreme experience.  And then there's Helen, Lillian's new best friend who is perfect and beautiful and who seems to be angling to bump Annie from both her standing as Lillian's best best friend and her position as Maid of Honor.  What then transpires is a madcap adventure that sees the best laid plans fall completely apart making us wonder if Annie, and her friendship with Lillian, will survive.

Being single and wondering how to make my life better aren't the only things I felt I shared with Annie upon watching this movie.  I also found myself relating to her hidden talents for cooking and creating, which I have but I don't utilize much beyond my own kitchen because I'm too scared to try to branch out in the scary unsafe professional world. And then there was her skewed and cynical perspective of the world, which isn't totally me, but which I could completely understand given the current global climate.  Then there were the supporting characters.  Lillian reminded me of several of my best friends and the chemistry between Maya Rudolph (Lillian) and Kristen Wiig (Annie) was tremendous (owing much to the fact that they really are friends).  Seeing them together made me pine for my friends who live so far away (or who leave town every know who you are) and that I don't get to spend as much time with as I'd like.  The other bridesmaids were hilarious as well, with the scene stealer being Melissa McCarthy as Megan (who also ends up giving Annie her third act pep up speech that she so desperately needs).  There was so much that was good about this movie, and I've already watched it three times this year (which is unheard of for me).  All of you should too, particularly you mother.  Trust me, you won't stop laughing.  Oh, and one last was a stroke of brilliance for this film to utilize "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips....excellent song!

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