Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Makes Me Want to Sing

I love Fridays, even when we're reading Shakespeare. Actually, most of my kids are doing better with Julius Caesar than I would have expected, though its still a big struggle in the later classes of the day. Do you realize what happens to high school students after lunch?  Its kinda like when mogwais eat after midnight and change into gremlins.  They eat and then when they return to their later periods, they've changed.  They've stopped being reasonable, quiet, and drowsy teenager and have metamorphosed into chatty, rude, and crazed creatures that delight in giving their teachers gray hairs.  6th period, which is our next to last period, is a chore on its own, but it can't compare to 7th.  One wonders why they don't just schedule all electives for 7th period, because at that point (a scant 50 minutes until the end of the school day) the students have decided that the work day is over.  They want to talk, move around, and do anything that does not include learning.  Oddly enough, however, I love these kids...even the ones that inspire fantasies of murder.  I'm going to miss them so much when June rolls around and they go to another English teacher.  Of course, I'll love them a lot more if they would just shut up while we're trying to read Shakespeare.

I discovered that my sister is a fellow blogger on here last night as we were on the phone.  Miss J (which is what I'll call her) runs a blog on Blogger as well.  Hers is a bit more useful than mine (could I be experiencing blog envy?  More on that later) as if offers home decor options to those who are strapped for cash.  I've sometimes wondered why Miss J went into business rather than interior guess is that she probably didn't want to have to deal with a customer's opinions on her decor choices.  C'set la vie right?

I didn't get much film watching done last night as I had Miss J on the phone and had a disc of Star Trek: Voyager to watch from Netflix.  I did, however, find the time to pop in a Tom Hanks quickie from 1986 that also had Steven Spielberg attached.  Yes friends, I am referring to The Money Pit.  The film tells a story of a young couple (Tom Hanks and Shelley Long) who are devoted to each other, despite not being married.  They find themselves without a home when Shelley's ex-husband, an insane conductor played by the late Alexander Godunov, returns to take possession of the apartment she had a year to vacate.  Things seem to be looking up when Hanks and Long are taken to see a million dollar house in the country that is going for amazingly cheap.  They don't want to believe that it really is as good as it looks, but they buy it anyway as they feel it might not be too good to be true.  Of course, soon after moving in...they house begins to collapse around them and they must sink even more money into it in order to make it livable.

Its easy to see why people often don't list Pit on their top 10 lists.  Most of the time its actually listed on the bottom tier.  The whole film exists purely as a chain in which to attach all the 'worst case scenario' moments of buying a house on to.  Things begin small, with only the water being bad and the front door falling off.  An electrical short here and there and a sagging mattress in the bed in the bedroom.  But it quickly escalates into the stairs collapsing, the chimney falling down, the kitchen exploding, and much much more.  The film really rides on only on why do I like it?  To be honest, I'm unsure.  Maybe its because I enjoy the kind of bad-misfortune slapstick that makes up the bulk of Pit or perhaps it is because that, even though Hanks and Long play a pair of dimwitted yuppies, I still like them due to the fact that I like the actors.  Or maybe, its because pathos sometimes makes good comedy, period.  We love watching people get kicked when they're down for the sake of comedy (Borat and Bruno are still proof of that).  At any rate, The Money Pit is just another of those movies I'm not supposed to like...and yet I do despite myself.

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