Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankschristmas eve

Well, we finally arrived in PA this afternoon after 3pm after 7 hours of driving and 30 minutes of heavy traffic only a few miles prior to our exit.  So far so good, we're just doing the family and togetherness thing.  Its always nice.  Dad and I did a lot of catching up in the drive, talking about this and that...and bickering a little as only healthy families can.  I'm a little concerned about my gifts though...they might be too big for Mr. and Miss J to take back home on the airplane tomorrow.  Which means I might have to take them home and have them live with me until deeper into December....NOOOOOO!!!!!!  With all the space I have in my place, you'd think I have room for it but alas...I don't.

I just found out that Miss J is actually going to be here Friday until her flight leaves at 8pm...which means I'm pretty sure that I'll have someone to Black Friday with.  I can't think of anything that I need, but there might be some things I can pick up to get a head start on next month's Christmas shopping.  I'm that guy who likes to get everything done as quickly as possible.  This year that couldn't be more true, because its the first December in seven years that I haven't been on school break the entire month.  I think I can handle it, but it means I won't have nearly as much free time to head out to the stores and buy all the things that I need.  I also have some new friends who are getting gifts this year, and I have no idea what to buy for them.  This may be the year I buy gift cards for lack of a better idea.  At least for once I know what mom and dad want, they are never easy to buy for.

I know it seems that I have nothing good to actually say today, and that might be true...but its all on account of this extraordinarily campy action film that's on TV right now.  Does anyone remember Demolition Man?  Well, its on...and its severely depleting my ability to type intelligently.  I don't know if its the crazy effects, corny dialouge, or the scene chewing Wesley Snipes, but my IQ has dropped for sure.  This is the kind of film that is easy to both hate and to can hate it because it is corny and campy or you can love it for the same reasons...but its definitely one of those movies that makes you dumber by watching it. Another amazing thing about this film is that, even though we all know its awful, no one has turned it off.  Its as if we are hypnotized by watching a train wreck.  I won't give my personal thoughts on it, if only because I'd like to keep a little mystery in my tastes.  The trailer for Demolition Man follows:

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