Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A quickie today

I'm not in much of a writing mood today so I'll make this short. I'd say I have the typical Wednesday depression that hits everyone when Hump Day rolls around. It must really suck to be Wednesday. No one looks forward to you unless you're a holiday that week and no one likes it when you're around because you're equidistant from the weekend on either side. Thursday is much nicer because you're that much closer to Friday and Friday...well Friday is the party animal. But Wednesday can't even hang out with Monday or Tuesday. Mondays blow, sure, but the relief of finishing one almost makes the 'going back to work' part worth it (and more holidays occur on Mondays). And on Tuesday you're still riding the high of a productive or pleasant Monday evening. Wednesday is just there, a reminder that its still two more full days till the weekend.

I kept up my comedy kick last night (as I watched a lot of horror the last few weeks in honor of Halloween) and I enjoyed a lesser known satire on the viewing of television called Stay Tuned. It stars John Ritter and Pam Dawber (two seasoned tv vets) as a married couple by the name of Knable.  Ritter is obsessed with watching TV and his wife calmly bears it until she is fed up with him and breaks the television set in a rage.  That is when Spike (Jeffrey Jones) shows up to offer Mr. Knable the chance of a lifetime...a free trial of a huge satelite system and a new TV!  Sounds wonderful, but the catch is that once Knable signs the contract he and his wife are suddenly hurled into the television matrix of channels and must fight for 24 hours in order to get out alive.  If they don't, they lose their souls to Hell forever.  Stay Tuned is a very interesting concept for dark comedy made more fun by all the references to the current shows and films of the time.  Of course, its also a bit hollow and two dimensional.  Like Hello Again, Stay Tuned is cute and diverting but something that you're liable to forget in time...that is, unless you're like me and this stuff gets under your skin and stays there.  The trailer for Stay Tuned is included below.  Enjoy!

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